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How to create custom reports using data from MongoDB

This demonstrate below show how to visually create a report directly against data stored in MongoDB (with no coding required).  The following topics are shown:

  1. Pentaho Data Integration tool is used to create a transformation that does the following:
    1. Connect to and query MongoDB.
    2. Query results are sorted.
    3. Sorted results are grouped.
  2. Pentaho Report Designer is used to visually create a report by using the data from a PDI transformation.

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How to perform analysis of data in MongoDB using PDI

The demo below shows how to use Pentaho Data Integration tool  to perform ad-hoc analysis of data stored in MongoDB and MySQL. The following items are shown:

  1. Query data in MongoDB.
  2. Convert MongoDB document from JSON document to a basic row of columns using the JSON input step.
  3. Lookup a field in the MongoDB document. The lookup table is stored in MySQL.
  4. Store the document and the lookup data into a table in MySQL.
  5. Perform ad-hoc analysis using PDI modeler perspective.
  6. Display results using PDI visualizer.


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How to get data into MongoDB using PDI

This demo will show how to import data from a CSV file into MongoDB using Pentaho Data Integration tool (a.k.a. Kettle).  The following items will be demonstrated:

  1. Basics of how to map columns from CSV file to fields in a MongoDB JSON document.
  2. How to handle variable/optional columns.
  3. Perform basic data scrubbing before adding data into MongoDB.

Although this demo uses a CSV file as input data, PDI can just as easily import data from many JDBC compliant databases by using the Table Input step.

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